Like so many of us Courtney is not originally from these parts, she moved to Portland from San Fransisco in 2004, and no, she did not leave behind her heart. In fact she bought it with her, and you know, that after 13 years, it has surly taken root.

Speaking of roots… Did you know Courtney uses Goldwell color? Yeah, she does, and ask any one who loves Goldwell, and those that don’t even know they love Goldwell, it produces some of the prettiest haircolor results around. It’s true, I use (shall not be named-this is not about me) and I will still tell you just how glossy and gorgeous Goldwell colored hair is!

Courtney has some serious education too, and as client her investment is your benefit. Courtney has trained extensively in some of the industry’s top institutions, such as Bumble and Bumble, Vidal Sassoon, Arrojo and Goldwell Hair color.

Given her high profile background, Courtney can give a precision cut like nobody’s business, but don’t rule her out for something a little more free flowing and flirty, she is truly a versatile beast when it comes to cutting.  No matter what hairdo you are after Courtney is excited to work with you to achieve something that suits your look as well as your lifestyle.

And might I add she is not a bad person to spend an hour or two chatting with, meaning, she is a super sweet and lovely gal who is also a great listener. Just saying, in this business, these things matter.

When Courtney is not behind the chair doing what she loves, she is outdoors doing what she loves, with the people she loves. Soaking up the abundance of our beautiful PNW with her darling family.