Where to start with Grace, well, often we show up to work wearing pretty much the same outfit, so she’s got good taste in clothes…

But really it is something special to get to write a bio about someone you have worked with for a long time, because you love them and you know it and well it is so easy to off and gush.

So Grace, and hair and you…

I’ve worked with Grace, literally side by side, for over three years now and I am always thinking to myself and often saying out loud, WOW! That is beautiful hair Grace just did. I don’t know how many times a day I ask her, “can you do that to me?”

And she is just like, “Right?”

Grace’s style is definitely clean and classic. Really just no nonsense solid hair stlying going on in Graces chair.  Like if you want a quality haircut or color that lasts longer than it should, grace is fantastic for that!

And she is super sweet gal, she loves plants and nature and cooking and gardening and beer.

Just, I’m so lucky to work with Grace, and if you choose her for your hair you will be lucky too.