Hello Pretty,

Thank you for your interest in Holiday!

Here is a little background on how we came to be. I had flirted with the fantasy of having a little styling cart for a long time and that spark began to flicker a little brighter with the on set of the food cart movement in Portland. And then one day I said, “Yep, I am gonna do that! I am gonna have a hair cart!” I got on Craigslist looked at about three trailers and on the third I made a call. I went and saw. And bought the darn thing! And there you had it. In three short hours my dream had broken the surface and I had a huge undertaking ahead of me!

Little did he know, my husband, a woodworker, was going to have his evenings full for the next 5 months. Both Billy, my husband (the woodworking one) and I worked many, many nights into the wee hours gutting and fixing up the trailer to make it the magic little cart that it came to be. It was an awesome process! And sometimes painful… Fully inspired, with a crystal clear vision of what we wanted, yet working in what sometimes felt as molasses time. With our days full, working full time and parenting a three year old we were limited to when we could work on Holiday, so we did little bits and pieces when ever we could… But eventually, with much love and patience it was completed and we were absolutely in love with the out come!

Once up and running Holiday took off with enormous propulsion… Press and clients came flooding in, our little gal felt like a complete star!… I knew that she was super special and I thought it would catch on… but I had no idea to what extent! I had hoped that one day there could potentially be a transition into a traditional salon, but never could I have imagined it would happen so quickly.

Because of the popularity of my tiny cart (and perhaps in part due to my mad hairstyling skills) my business has grown rapidly, and in less than one year I was able to take my tiny seed of a cart and watch it blossom into a full on bloom of a “REAL” (like in a building) Salon!  Yes! That is right, Holiday is all grown up, I have retired the trailer and am now the proud occupant of an amazing little store front in the heart of Portland. If you thought magic happened in 100 sq ft, you should see what we were able to do with 600! EVEN MORE MAGIC, PEOPLE!!! That’s all.

Please, do, come check it out!