A special little place in the heart of it all

Holiday Hair Studio is a sweet little hair salon located at 2802 SE Ankeny and 28th, the geographic center of the city. That’s right, we are in the literal HEART of Portland, Oregon. So it is not only easy to get to from all four corners, but it is also where all the love is…

We must mention that Holiday is a very special place, not just for great hair… We’ll get to that. But because the space it’s self is so deliberately curated. There is an understated and intriguing beauty that fills the shop. An attention to detail that does not waver to such things as utility and the industry standard but finds unique and beautiful ways to bring aesthetic and function together. At Holiday there seems to be two rules : 1.) If it is ugly and plastic it is not allowed… And 2.) If it can be prettier… It will be prettier. The atmosphere is romantic yet clean and classic with bones of industrial spark sprinkled throughout. There is magic and beauty to be had here… And that is all before we even get to your hair!

Now when it comes to hair… Well, let’s just be simple (and emotional) for a second, yes? WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TO DO HAIR!!! We see hair as a three dimensional art medium, coming in an airy of different colors, textures, shapes and sizes each presenting it’s own unique challenges and rewards. It is our job to listen to our clients needs and desires and take what they’ve got–their goods (hair, face, style) into consideration and come to an understanding about all that is possible… Then we make art!!!! Functional. Beautiful. Wearable… Art!