Balayage Beauty – Mermaid Hair!

Balayage Beauty – Mermaid Hair!

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I know it has been a while, for some reason I feel obligated to write that, as if you, who stumble upon this site for the very first time would know the infrequency with which I write. It is like when a cell phone call drops and you just have to say “Ok, bye” when no one is on the other end of the line, even if you are in a car all alone you have to have that closure–with no one. Fun stuff, yes? Reading a semi-deserted blog about being a semi-deserted blog. Ah well here we go than. I have done some hair that I love lately! A lot of it… Of course I always forget to photograph if properly in order to boast it up on this here Holiday For Your Hair blog site… But for once, this last hair do, I did remember to snap a few shots of.

Lets just haircut to the chase than shall we?

COLOR: Here I have done a lovely natural highlighting on the beautiful Kelly. I used a balayage technique to give a multitude of dimension while applying just one formulation of lightener. It is also one way to achieve a gorgeous ombre look that is not too edgy. Weather I am going for a dipped looking, dark to light, faded ombre, or a natural looking brushed-with-gold look, Balayage is by far my favorite way to get there! As for Kelly, I was wanting to bring out her nature and give her back her kid hair… These are just the terms I think in and how I find the words to say, “Let’s play mother nature!” If you are looking for some sun kisses. Balayage will do just that. Or rather I will do that for you, by way of Balayage! These super natural looking highlights will fool everyone! Your friends will writhe with internal jealousy as they will just assumed you summered over in Bora Bora! They will silently hate you and your natural beauty… Isn’t that every girls secret wish? To be hated for her beauty, by all her friends? I think we have just cracked the code on that old saying, “don’t hate me because I am beautiful” Translation: Hate me because I am beautiful. But really, all the hate jokes aside, the result will be that you are sneakily beautiful. No one will notice exactly why but they will think how fresh and beautiful you look and they will probably tell you about it because they are your friends and they love you!

HAIRCUT: I did a sculptural layered cut using razor & scissors on Kelly to bring out her natural waves and push the curl shape. Kelly is typically a wash and go kinda gal and the natural, organic, embracing of the waves and texture that I have done with the cut will wear well with her level of maintenance. I actually prefer the air dried look on cuts like this but I wouldn’t dare have this angel-face walk out of my shop sopping wet, so I carefully sculpted each and every curl by hand–well by brush and blow dryer. And that is no small feat, belei’you-me! It is a little “done” for an everyday look bu,t I would say if you are wanting to feel a little extra fancy, it fits the bill. I always encourage my clients to have a date lined up for the day/night of their appointment because they usually want to take their new hair out!

Thanks Kelly for letting me brag about your lovely locks!