Mary was born and raise in Portland, so yeah like, we pretty much have a glorious unicorn working at Holiday now. Mary has been doing hair for 17 years and started her journey in the Pearl District with an extensive apprenticeship that later blossomed into a loyal clientele. Mary honed her skills and grew her following in Portland a few long stretches at a time in some pretty reputable salons.

Mary moved away for a couple of years to seek out a little bit of adventure, but alas, Mary missed home and made her way back Portland. If you missed Miss Mary and the amazing hair she gave you, well WE HAVE HER! AT HOLIDAY! And we could not be happier about that.

Thank you Mary for joining our hair magic family!

About the Hair:

Like I said, Mary is an old hat, but don’t bring one, a hat, because you won’t need it.

Mary is gonna make you look gorge!

Aside from being just plain old awesome at hairstyling, Mary has a special knack for seeing beauty and confidence in everyone who sits in her chair, sometimes even when the client can’t see it themselves. She is great at listening to your hair goals and struggles and will help you find a balance in a hairstyle that is going to make you feel fantastic. Ease in styling is something Mary strives to help her clients achieve. If she can make your mornings a little brighter, she has done her job.