Hi I’m Robin and I own this joint, so it’s no wonder that I am totally in love with Holiday Hair Studio! I hope if you come here you can I’ll fall in love too.

First off, I cut my own hair. But you should never do that. I’m a horrible example. Now that that is out of the way, you should let me cut your hair, because it is what I LOVE to do, and I’m just gonna tell ya, I am darn good at it– and I am allowed to say that because what that means is that you are going to walk out of here LOOKING and FEELING AMAZING!

I love cuts that are organic and flowing and follow the patterns that nature gave you. Enhanceing natural beauty rather than beating your hair into insecure obedience, that’s my jam. Everyone has some gloriousness about their hair, and I am here to bring that out for you.

As for color, I love painting hair! Natural, subtle hair color is what I am the best at. Again mimicking Mother Nature, giving you sun kisses all around your face, perhaps reminiscent of those insianly gorgeous natural highlights you may have had as a little kid.

And if you never had those natural ribbons of gold framing your little angle face, well, it’s never too late!

Let’s get you in for some Balayage and an awesome cut!

I can’t wait to meet you.